Program: P66 Landing Phase (ROD)

Purpose: To control the LM in final phase of landing. With Mode Control in Auto
forward and lateral velocities are nulled. When in Manual the inertial attitude is
controlled by the astronaut. Throttle is calculated and Rate of Descent (ROD) is
controlled by toggling the ROD switch.

P66 is started automatically by Landing Auto Modes Monitor routine when targeted
conditions for P64 are met or the ROD switch has been activated after P63.

Displays and Actions

    Flashing        Forward Velocity                    XXXX.X ft/s
    V06N60     Altitude Rate                                XXXX.X ft/s
                        Computed Altitude                     XXXXX ft

Use ROD switch as desired.
To manually null forward and lateral velocities: Mode Control: PGNS > Attitude Hold.
Manual throttle available

Flashing Percent Full Thrust 00XXX ft/s
V16N92 Altitude Rate XXXX.X ft/s
Computed Altitude XXXXX ft


Flashing Forward Velocity XXXX.X ft/s
V06N60 Altitude Rate XXXX.X ft/s
Computed Altitude XXXXX ft
Engine Stop

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