Virtual Views "1,2 or 3"

There are three different virtual views that allow you the freedom to move around inside the cockpit easily.  You can use your Point of View hat (POV) on your joystick or keys "Q,W,E,A,D,X" to move around each view.  You can also change the field of view (FOV) independently for each view with "[,]" keys.

Cockpit View ("4,5,6")

The cockpit views consist of a view looking forward and slightly downward with a 2D instrument panel overlay.  View "4" is normal.  View "5" is semi-transparent.  View "6" is an external view without the panel.

Spot View ("7,8")

The spot view gives you the opportunity to view the LM from outside. View "7" is a soft chase view.  The camera moves smoothly with a reference to the LM.  View "8" provides a "hard" chase view - the camera is fixed a certain distance from the LM.  You can move around the LM by either using the keyboard commands or the Point of View hat (POV) on your joystick.  Remember the "E" and "Q" keys will move you toward or away from the LM.  

Ground View ("9")

The ground view is a fixed view a short distance from the original landing site.

EVAView ("0")

This view is only available after a successful landing.  It initial positions you in front of the open LM hatch.  See EVA for more information.